Shonen Hump.

It's always nice to hear the pretty boys moan.

Writer's Block: Passing the time
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What's your favorite thing to do on long car rides?

I like to throw on some cosplay items and sing really loudly, despite the way that I get stared at. Perhaps it's because of how I get stared at, but i find it terribly amusing to kick on my MP3 player and choose songs that go with the character I'm cosplaying, then have them sing. If I'm Matt, then I start smoking and use my DSi as a microphone... if I'm Mello, I look bored, twisting my rosary, and mutter the song into my gun.

L Cosplay Experiment - Gryphon
toys, matt

Gryphon, experimenting with L cosplays. Picture is cell phone crap quality, taken in the truck outside of G-con.

New LJ, Bitches.
toys, matt
So, new LJ. Not using the old ones any longer.

I will be restarting the Secret Lives RPG as a crossover.

If you are looking for the Shonen Hump Guild from World of Warcraft (Server: Fenris) then please send me a message; I have not finished the entries for the Guild, as it's been very difficult for my laptop to run WoW lately.

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